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Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 9001:2008 Certified translation and Interpretation company based in New Delhi, India. Promoted by Mr. Ravi Kumar, a world known translator industry leader and educationist, Modlingua has been pioneer in promoting Role of translation in Nation Building through its quality services in translation and language sector in India. It specializes in technical translation and provides a range of Indian as well as foreign language related services including content writing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, PR, book editing, research, training and publication. It constantly maintains consultative relations with various government departments, academic institutions, universities, diplomatic missions and translation industry stakeholders at regional, national as well as international levels. It counts on a team of experienced native language professionals and linguists coming from various parts of the world who are well trained to deliver translation and language related services in Indian as well as foreign languages. It has an excellent team of certified translators who deliver quality translation as well as professional writing services in technical, legal, medical, commercial, scientific as well as specialized texts at a very competitive price.

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Spanish | Portuguese | French | Italian | German | Russian | Dutch |Swedish | Norwegian | Danish | Polish | Hungarian| Czech | Arabic | Urdu | Persian | Hebrew | Chinese | Japanese | Korean | Thai | Bhasha Indonesian | Vietnamese | Cambodian | Hindi | Bengali | Punjabi | Tamil | Telugu | Malayalam | Kannada | Konkani | Marathi | Gujarati | Assamese| Oriya | Manipuri | Nepali | More on demand

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HRLingua - Modlingua

absmiddle Careers in Languages: Job Opportunities for Spanish Speakers
Event Date: Jun 20, 2009
Our Founder Mr. Ravi Kumar has been invited to deliver a talk on “Careers in Languages: Job Opportunities for Spanish Speakers” at Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi.
Event Date: Apr 17, 2009
Linguaindia Foundation (A language forum promoted by Allied Modlingua Group) jointly with Indian Translators Association is organising national conference on LANGUAGE AND TRANSLATION INDUSTRY OF INDIA: OPPORTUNITIES & CHALLENGES” to be held on April 17-18, 2009 in New Delhi.
absmiddle Workshop on Indian Languages and CAT tools
Event Date: Jun 30, 2007
Theme: Indian Languages and CAT tools with special focus on open sources and Xliff Translation Editor. http://www.alliedmodlingua.com/....php/1

Our Credentials
India Representative IMIA, USA
Our Founder and Director Mr. Ravi Kumar is India representative for IMIA, USA. He is actively involved in promoting deployment of professional translators and interpreters among doctors and medical professionals
ISO 9001: 2000 Standard Compliance
Allied Modlingua is ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Translation Company
Ex-FIT Council Member
Our Founder and Director Mr. Ravi Kumar, (Founder President of Indian Translators Association) was elected to be on board of FIT Council 2008-2011 during world congress of translators held in Shanghai
Special recognition by International translators community
Shanghai, Our Founder and Director Mr. Ravi Kumar receives special recognition by International translators community during XVIII FIT World Congress.
Patron: Microsoft India
Our Founder Director Mr. Ravi Kumar speaks about the role of India’s nascent translators’ community and the role of Microsoft’s localization initiatives.

absmiddle Translation of sub-titles - Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Job Added On Mar 30, 2016 Language English - Norwegian
Quotation DeadlineApr 1, 2016 Completion DeadlineApr 6, 2016

absmiddle Technical Manual - Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Job Added On Jan 21, 2016 Language Japanese - English
Quotation DeadlineJan 23, 2016 Completion DeadlineJan 30, 2016

absmiddle BPO Call Center Executive Voice Support... - Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Job Added On Jan 9, 2016 Language German - English
Quotation DeadlineJan 15, 2016 Completion DeadlineJan 20, 2016

absmiddle Transcription Bangala to English - Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Job Added On Apr 10, 2015 Language Bengali - English
Quotation DeadlineApr 10, 2015 Completion DeadlineApr 12, 2010

absmiddle Marketing Material Hospital and Health Sector - Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Job Added On Apr 10, 2015 Language French - Chinese
Quotation DeadlineApr 11, 2015 Completion DeadlineApr 15, 2015

absmiddle Translation of text from English to French... - Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Job Added On Mar 18, 2015 Language English - French
Quotation DeadlineMar 18, 2015 Completion DeadlineMar 19, 2015

absmiddle English to Japanese Translator for web content - Modlingua Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Job Added On Jan 6, 2015 Language English - Japanese
Quotation DeadlineJan 7, 2015 Completion DeadlineJan 15, 2015

Modlingua In News
News A benchmark created for the Indian Translator Community: Allied Modlingua Partners the event
News Our Director Mr. Ravi Kumar gets elected to FIT Council
Indian Translator gets recognition from International Community

Shanghai, August 02, 2008: Founder and Director of Allied Modlingua, Mr. Ravi Kumar lead two member delegation of Indian Translators Association to FIT World Congress, Shanghai where, the Indian Translators Association (ITAINDIA) was voted by the Statutory Congress of International Federation of Translators (FIT) http://www.fit-ift.org, the world’s apex body of translators – interpreters connecting more than 100000 translators – interpreters across the globe represented by more than 100 translators’ associations coming from 60 countries.
News Allied Modlingua Partners Symposium on Contemporary Science and Technology
Scientific Foresight 2007

Date: 22, 23 and 24 December 2007
Venue: Sri Krishna Memorial Hall, Patna, India

Allied Modlingua Services a leading translation and localization agency based in New Delhi, India has taken initiative to be localization partner for the forthcoming Symposium on Contemporary Science and Technology (Scientific Foresight 2007), Bihar. Under this partnership Allied Modlingua shall provide localization and language solutions to the Symposium being organized by young business leaders interested in promoting Bihar as a potential destination for science and technology related investment and stimulate intellectual discourse.

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