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What is Authenticated Translation?

An authenticated translation, also known as a sworn or certified translation, is rendered official by an attestation given by the translator at the court. This implies that the translated document maintains the same legal value as the original one. The final document consists of the original document, the translation and the attestation report. 
legalized/notarized translation or legalization/notarization is the step that follows authentication and is usually required when the translated documents have to be submitted to authorities in foreign countries.

When is an authenticated/certified translation needed?

An attested/certified translation is used for official purposes and for submission with authorities and agencies.
Types of documents which often need to be translated and certified:

  • Several personal documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, official documents)
  • Documents relating to immigration, emigration and citizenship
  • Passports, visas and certificates of residence
  • School / training certificates, job references
  • Contracts (e.g.- employment contracts, purchase agreements and loan agreements)
  • Patents and Forms
  • Statutes and certificates of company registration

Points to be noted

  • Unlike other countries, in India, there is no nodal body or authority for licensing or certification of translators/translation agencies. However, Modlingua being one of the founder members of Indian Translators Association works in close cooperation with various diplomatic missions and government agencies and regularly facilitates translation that is par with certified translation and fully accepted as official translation not only in India but across the globe.
  • Many times, under very specific circumstances, the diplomatic missions demand certified/ authenticated translation from their respective countries. Modlingua with its global network of translators facilities such activities as well.
  • In addition, if required, we also get the documents notarized by the Notary. This further adds value to the authenticity of the signatures on the translated documents under a concept called “Oath” “ Buena Fe” / “Good Faith” and serves as an affidavit.

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