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Often while completing official immigration formalities, one needs to submit the original Birth Certificate to demonstrated the proof of age and original place of birth. In cases, where the Birth Certificate is not in the language acceptable to the authority where it has to be submitted (be it English or any other foreign language), there arises a need for translation of the same into another language mainly English or French / Spanish.

Submission of Birth Certificates may be required not just during immigration procedures but also for several official purposes in local lands. Whenever, the said certificate is not available in an officially acceptable language, translations come as the alternative solution. Modlingua, one of the leading language translation agencies of India, comes across as a one-stop-shop for all needs pertaining to translations be it in Indian or foreign languages.

Whether the translations need to be used for personal or business use or for visa or immigration purposes, Modlingua is fully equipped to help you out in every way when it comes to translation, certification, attestation, notarization, etc.

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