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Allied Modlingua Partners Symposium on Contemporary Science and Technology
Dated: Friday, December 7, 2007

Scientific Foresight 2007

Date: 22, 23 and 24 December 2007
Venue: Sri Krishna Memorial Hall, Patna, India

Allied Modlingua Services a leading translation and localization agency based in New Delhi, India has taken initiative to be localization partner for the forthcoming Symposium on Contemporary Science and Technology (Scientific Foresight 2007), Bihar. Under this partnership Allied Modlingua shall provide localization and language solutions to the Symposium being organized by young business leaders interested in promoting Bihar as a potential destination for science and technology related investment and stimulate intellectual discourse.
Patna (Bihar) is all set to host its Third Scientific Foresight \'07 at Sri Krishna Memorial Hall from Dec 22 to Dec 24. This three-day event brings scientists, academicians, entrepreneurs, experts and young scholars from India and abroad on a common platform for exchanging ideas on contemporary science, technology and more. Determined to ignite young minds and to promote entrepreneurs, scientific foresight strives to become a collaborative platform for academia, industry and policy makers.

Scientific Foresight is the only event of its kind to bring together more than 200 experts from India and abroad. These experts come from various science/technical disciplines and institutes. More than 4000 students are expected to participate.

Mehmood Khan, Global Innovation Leader, Unilever; Manjeet Kripalani, India Bureau Chief, Business Week; Jessica Wallack, Strategic Advisor & Research Affiliate, California Institute for IT and Telecommunications; Dr M Omair, the popular environmentalist from University of Michigan; Dr Warish Shere, writer and mathematician from Winnipeg, Canada; Dr M J Warsi, Linguist, Washington University and many more will share their vision on the forum.

The three day affair will have 10 seminar sessions and display of industrial products, models and innovative posters The event will witness paper presentations and panel discussions on subjects that include Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Nuclear Physics, Alternate Energy Source, Genetics, Polymers, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Open Source Computing, Semantic Web, Science and Spirituality, Agriculture Technology, Wikinomics amongst other contemporary subjects that may determine our future.

Scientific Foresight is a vow to restore Bihar\'s rightful place as the center for intellectual discourse. Bihar has been the most revered seat of higher education in the past and has produced great minds like Aryabhatt, Rishi Shushrut,and Chanakya, just to name a few. Bihar is known for its ancient knowledge culture as is reflected in Nalanda and Bikramshila Universities.

However what makes this event unique is the participation of a large number of students. The event is a result of the efforts of students from the region encouraged by the professionals from industry connected through various online channels.

Contact details:

Ramraj Pandey
Detroit, USA, Convener of the event, at +1 248 462 5853, or visit www.scientificforesight.org

Atul Kumar
New York, USA, Media and PR cell, at +1 203 987 4452,

Prafull Kumar (Patna)
Leader, Action Committee, at +91 98354 97888,

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