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Modlingua® provides customized solutions and believes in maintaining relationships with the clients. Accordingly, its Translation-Localization process is based on a demonstrated system of best practices that emphasize upon translation quality, global project management, task automation, process consistency, flexibility and customer service.

Our established total quality method (TQM) ensures that our clients receive high-quality deliverables in translation for all languages. Our TQM essentially comprises: 


Upon receiving queries from a Client, at first, our team defines and captures the need and expectation of the client. At second stage, a Project Manager schedules and budgets details through an analysis-based project approach and provides a comprehensive Price Quote to the Client. Once the Client gives an approval on the offered price and issues a Purchase Order, we move on to our next step. 

Production I

Our project managers thoroughly study the documents to be translated and their delicate points. As per the requirement of the project, the text is sent to the identified, experienced and native translators for translation and/ or localization who at their own discretion proactively incorporate the instructions received from project leaders.

Production II

After receiving the translations rendered by highly experienced and domain-expert native translators, a critical in-house review is done by our Project Managers to ensure that there are no glaring errors or missed out portions in the translated text.

Production III

Once the first stage in-house review process is completed by our Project Mangers, the translated text is sent to another experienced native proof-reader with Project Managers comments and observations if any. The proof readers employed by Modlingua are either natives or highly experienced translators with considerable expertise in relevant domains. The proof-reader works on improving the translated text into a high-quality translation by eliminating any technical, factual or clerical errors, ensuring standardization & adaptation in the translation to finally create a product acceptable to specific locales depending on the customer’s requirements and target market.

Post Production

Upon receipt of the proof-read translated text, our Project Managers again sit down to carry out a final review of the translated version to ensure that figures, tables etc. remain expressed and embedded correctly even after the proof-reading stage. Special care is also taken to keep the formatting of the translated version as close as possible to the original version. Attention is also given to maintain consistency and quality in the translation. Finally, the translation is sent to the client via a secure electronic mode.  
For any enquiries write to us at sales@modlingua.com or call us at +91-11-26291676. 

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