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We strive to provide our translators and associates the best available resources so that they may make use of these to augment and upgrade their translation and technological know-how and skills. We also encourage our translation team to send us feedback and inputs giving us details and links of best possible resources so that we may include them here to provide best resources available in the industry. Please write to us at: projects@modlingua.com or call us at 0091-11-26291676.

Title URL Added On
Snapshots of Role of Translation in Nation Building http://www.alliedmodlingua.com/Book_Review_R_Translation_Nation_Building.pdf May 31, 2013
ISBN Printed Version: 978-81-926798-0-8; ISBN Digital Version: 978-81-926798-1-5. Digital as well as Printed version available at Modlingua, K-5B, Lower Ground Floor, Kalkaji, New Delhi -110019. SMS: +91-8287636881 E-mail: sales@modlingua.com Price US $ 24.95/- per copy + Postal Charges Payment option available through Paypal.

Multilingual Terminology Resources at Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com/language/en/us/search.mspx Jun 2, 2009
Multilingual Terminology Resources at Microsoft is very effective tool that helps translators get meanings of IT and IT applications related text with focus on Microsoft products.

TermSciences - Terminologie Scientifique http://www.termsciences.fr/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=23 Jan 13, 2008
This link contains a series of useful links on scientific terminology with focus on French to English. However, these lists contain multi-lingual terminology as well.

Electropedia http://www.electropedia.org Jan 13, 2008
This site contains electrical and electronic terms under IEC classification.

Writing style guide -Americanisms http://www.economist.com/research/styleGuide/index.cfm?page=673931 Jan 13, 2008

Writing style guide - European English http://ec.europa.eu/translation/writing/style_guides/english/style_guide_en.pdf Jan 13, 2008
This link is a handbook meant for translators of English language working in Europe.

Tools on publication - European Union http://publications.europa.eu/index_en.htm Jan 13, 2008

CAT Tools http://www.heartsome.net/EN/downloads.html Apr 10, 2007
You may like to dowload Heartsome CAT tools - free 30 days trial download - and buy these CAT tools at Indian price through Allied Modlingua. To know about price and other details please visit CAT Tool section of this site.

Translation Industry of India http://www.linguaindia.blogspot.com Apr 9, 2007
Blogs on translation industry of India and Indian languages

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